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To accommodate an ever growing environment of competition and changing market demands, businesses need to become more agile and respond quickly, to better anticipate challenges. With the OneDrop product platform, services are efficiently delivered and recourses are immediately accessible to all consumers within your personal cloud.

One Drop is a 􀃸exible and scalable cloud based solution, built on Microsoft Azure, providing a large array of customer needs from storage, media service and real-time work􀃸ow, to advanced online and streaming capabilities. One Drop is designed as a white label suite, being a collaboration point for customers and coworkers, customizable according to customer specifc needs.

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The work environment is constantly evolving, where the work of an individual was once predominant, there is now a team working. The complexity of today’s reality requires efficient collaboration in real-time, people want to connect with corporate systems anytime and anywhere and use their own devices. In a fast paced environment teams are seeking ways how to streamline their activities, and deliver as fast as possible. OneDrop extends the office environment enabling coworkers to seamlessly collaborate with colleagues and consumers alike, in a secure environment. Streamlining the work- flow of routine tasks by online decision making and execution is easy and intuitive through OneDrop.


In a constant changing work ecology, people want the flexibility to access work from anywhere anytime. The office is a much more liquefied definition and as such should be accessible a click away. OneDrop enables all this by extending the office environment for collaboration, file management and storage.

Scalable infrastructure

Businesses today need the agility to address growth and ever growing needs in the working environment. OneDrop enables with one click to expand the work infrastructure and to accommodate growing business needs, taking advantage of the cloud platform, delivering fast, consistent and scalable performance.

Media Services

OneDrop is designed to work with various types of media files, and to automatically convert them to a designated format according the end device requirements. For example receiving an iPhone generated video - .mov and converting it instantly to .wav making it available for android consumers. This automatic conversion is relevant between all formats, and requires no effort from the user side.

File Management

OneDrop transforms your local file repository into a global file management system located on your cloud. New business processes are introduced, delivering security and control while harnessing the power of a cloud-based environment. You have complete and direct control over all the parameters of this cloud be it adding or removing users, adding or reducing storage, defining and managing user groups or any other parameter that fits you.

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