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Sela is a market leader in Azure solutions since 2008 , providing end-to-end solutions using our expert group of senior consultants in – Cloud PaaS Architecture, Azure Infrastructure and network management, Big Data solutions over Azure and utilization of your Azure solution.
Our consultants support dozens of companies and organizations implementing Azure while delivering expert talks and seminars on the subject all over the world.

Sela is a Microsoft Gold partner - Cloud Platform, Learning Solutions, Application Lifecycle Management and Application Development.
Sela is a principal partner of the Azure accelerator worldwide, providing solutions in over 30 countries.

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Sela if offering a 360-degree service of your cloud. We have over a decade of proven ability in design, architect, deploy, operate and managed services. Our experts will help you achieve your technical and business goals. We offer the following services:

Cloud development architecture

Amongst Sela’s cloud experts are - Software Development Architects, Infrastructure experts and Data experts (DB, BigData and more).

As part of our offering (Sela’s Managed Services Suite), our experts will assist in structuring the most suited cloud solution for you. Whether it be PaaS or IaaS, which of the available platforms and services are best for your specific needs from a technical and business perspective (Database, Storage, Cache, Authentication, Queue and more). Planning a scalable system considering your vision and future prospected needs, all the above - encapsulating best practices.

Infrastructure and network in Azure

Using Sela’s Managed Services, your organization may leverage its IT services and extend far beyond current capabilities. Using various scenarios you may choose to
1.  Extend your network using secure connection.
2.  Create a DR solution using Azure Sites Recovery.
3.  Erect a testing environment for various servers (SQL Always on, SharePoint).
4.  Transform your IT from an expenditure only unit to a revenue engine.

Data solutions in Azure

Storage – Single file endless repository )Scalable on demand)

HDInsight - Azure’s BigData suite – store and process mass data, using HBase, Hadoop and Spark.

Document DB - NoSQL database, specifically designed to store single documents (any JSON representation)

Machine Learning – Make use of intrinsic statistical algorithms to automatically generate add-value information, out of your existing data for reasons such as – prediction. We will assist in selecting the best suited solution for your business and security needs, while maintaining a constant and constructive dialogue with your organizations’ vision.

Azure utilization

Having the most experienced and accomplished experts on the subject matter, Sela’s finest will be at your service to fine-tune your Azure utilization. With links to Microsoft own Azure Group, our MVP’s, Solution Specialists and Azure Insiders will always have the best and most accurate information for your needs.

In recent years our experts have been occupied with load testing cloud systems for our customers, allocating bottle-necks and performance issues, memory leaks, and server/software collapse. As [art of our services, all our past knowledge will be at your service, while focusing on improving your outcomes daily.

We offer the following packages:

Our offering includes the Advanced Azure Support for Partners package, per Microsoft's terms and conditions as mentioned here >>

Cloud Solution Provider Silver/Gold Professional Package

Service Silver package Gold Package
Managed Environment + +
Azure IT/Dev Architecture Hourly Cost Discounted Price
Support Basic 24/7
Sela OneDrop 25% discount 50% discount
Sela's Courses/Conferences Discount Discount
Yearly Architecture and Efficiency Validation + +
Discount for Sela Support -10% -15%
Sela Courses and Conf. – Yearly credit + +


We offer 3 support packages

We offer 3 support packages (per the above service packages)


Online support with Sela experts free of charge. Support will be within office hours (Sun-Thu 9:00-17:00). Additional support hours will be charged accordingly.

PASSIVE – 24/7

24/7 online support with Sela experts free of charge (Hebrew support during office hours and English after hours)

ACTIVE – 24/7

24/7 online support with Sela experts free of charge (Hebrew support during office hours and English after hours). In addition, monitoring tools will be put in place to actively monitor your system